Things to Know About DOT Drug Testing


We have to start by saying that DOT drug test is the mandatory regulation by the Department of Transportation for all businesses and personnel that are operating within it. Everything started back in 1991 after the U.S. Congress passed a screening act, which is still relevant.

The Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act requires that all agencies that are operating within the Department of Transportation to conduct both alcohol and drug tests to maintain public and personal safety of your employees.

Have in mind that this particular drug-screening requirement falls under particular procedures within the Federal Regulations that you can find on DOT’s official website. 

We recommend you to check out this link: to learn about the importance of DOT screenings.

Who Has To Undergo DOT Screenings?


Generally, these regulations are affecting all safety-sensitive workplaces and employees. When it comes to safety-sensitive, you should know that if your job can affect the safety of the public and other employees, it means that you need to avoid anything that could cloud your judgment.

The most common DOT department safety-sensitive positions include:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – Generally, if you wish to obtain a commercial driver’s license for operating CMVs, vehicles that transport hazardous materials and that carry 16 passengers or more, you need to undergo drug testing.
  • Federal Aviation Administration – Everyone that operates within the flight crew, including aircraft dispatchers, flight attendants, and ground security coordinators, also have to pass the test to work correctly.
  • Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration – Everyone that operates within the maintenance and operations that could affect and lead to severe issues for the general public has to be completely sober and without traces of illegal substances that could affect the productivity as well as safety of others. You should check here to visit the official website that will explain to you everything accordingly. 
  • Federal Transit Administration – If you work or wish to start to work as a vehicle controller, operator, mechanics, or armed security, you also have to prepare for the testing process.
  • Federal Railroad Administration – Finally, if you operate within the railroad administration, including engine and train personnel, train dispatcher, and service worker, you have to comply with all regulations, including passing a DOT drug screening, among other things.

Everything You Should Know About DOT Drug Tests

  1. Type of Substances

Have in mind that this particular type of screening includes the same 5-panel screening that will check the traces of THC and other weed metabolites such as CBD, amphetamines, cocaine, PCP, and opioids, including the prescriptions such as hydrocodone, morphine, and oxycodone.

Even though the screening methods tend to vary and we can differentiate various types depending on the specimen used to test the presence of drugs, the most common method for DOT screening is urinalysis.

  1. When Should You Conduct It?

Have in mind that this particular type of screening is required in particular situations, including:

  • Pre-Employment – The most common reason for testing is as part of the pre-employment process, which means that they will check your history of drug consumption and abuse before you start taking responsibilities.
  • Reasonable Cause – In case superiors have reasonable suspicion that someone is under the influence of drugs during the working hours that could lead to it. Remember that it is based on observation, including smell, speech, behavior, and appearance, among other things.
  • Random – On the other hand, random screenings are also frequent in this particular industry, especially since it is the best way to reduce the chances of someone tampering with results. Of course, employers have to follow specific regulations regarding the random selection process that will not interfere with your rights as an employee. Generally, random tests tend to happen quarterly or once in three months.
  • Return to Duty – In case you have experience with alcohol and drug abuse and you violated the agreement you signed, you will have to cleanse yourself before returning to duty. Keep in mind that you will not be able to return to your position before they subject you to random screening at least six times in one year. Of course, all screenings require direct observation throughout the process.
  • Post-Accident – This particular type of screening tends to happen in case you get involved in some accidents within the DOT business you operate. Generally, they have to conduct a drug test within 32 hours after accident and alcohol screening within eight hours afterward.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Many of us find comfort and convenience in wonderful, quality Ray-Ban Sunglasses such as wayfarers and aviator. However, if you want to stand out and turn heads, you might need to check out new sunglasses frames. Cat eye frames are one of the most sought-after lens shapes today. They were a huge hit in the 1950’s and now they’re back to rock the 21st century.

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When wearing cat-eye sunnies, you have to keep the vintage feel in moderation. Add a touch of modern appeal by wearing contemporary accessories and clothes. You want to show a touch of the retro, but not look like you’ve just appeared in a time machine!

Black Hat Versus White Hat Seo

Marketing Agencies around the world use two different approaches to optimize their website to rank higher on the search engine results page. These two approaches are called Black Hat and White Hat SEO strategies.

Use of either of these strategies depends on the objectives of the firm. Some organizations are interested in SEO so that they can rank their content quickly and make some money in the short term. These marketing agencies are involved in Black Hat SEO strategies.  Some other firms want to create a sustainable online presence so they get involved in White Hat SEO Strategies. Let us know a bit about NY SEO marketing agency.

Black Hat SEO Strategies

Black hat SEO involves strategies that focus on optimizing the content only for ranking high on the search engines.

This means that the agencies will not consider human visitors that visit their website. Instead, they will mend, break, and make new rules so that they can improve the ranking of their website and make a quick buck.

When they are done, these agencies and firm end up having a website that makes no sense to their human visitors. Stages look a lot like spam rather than serving any utility to the visitors. Even though these websites rank quickly on the search engine, eventually they end up getting penalized or banned by those search engines.

This getting-rich-quick approach ruins the organization’s opportunities to build a sustainable site.

White Hat SEO Strategies

On the other hand, White Hat SEO strategy is a practical approach to optimize your website to rank higher on the SERP page. At the same time, using this strategy, you can build a sustainable business on the internet.

 And the White Hat SEO marketing Agencies like focus on the human audience that will be visiting the website and read the content. A consistent approach to White Hat SEO strategies makes the website easy to find and turns your visitors into your customers.

 The goal of white hat SEO strategies to produce the best possible content on the website, which is easy to read and navigate and all the while follows all the rules of Search Engine Optimization.


Even though the Black Hat SEO strategies might help you rank quickly, the search engines eventually penalize such websites.

 Depending on the offence, you might not ever be able to come back from those penalties. The only effective way of building a sustainable business online is to follow best SEO marketing practices and create compelling content which adds value to the lives of the readers. 

Challenges with credit card payments

Living in the era of technology, paying for the expense is not the same. Every one of us is used to paying by cards. This makes the economy move towards being cashless. Along with the good things they provide, there are many negative points as well. The issues are although not taken up seriously now, but they may inevitably affect the people and the system in the long run. It is not the solution that this system should be stopped, but the attempts to stop the prevailing system are entirely not right.


A significant concern for everyone is the security of the money. These days the crimes have also been sophisticated. The people to take the funds are not on roads but are sitting in front of computers. Non-cash payments come with the threat of hacking. Not many measures are available, and well-known among people, once the account is hacked.


The critical advantage of cash is, it automatically warns about overspending. Because one can physically see the money going, a sense of saving it occurs in mind. It is effortless to lose track of spending if done by cards. One cannot see the money going, so there is no sense about the speed of the expenditure.


Not everyone analyzes the pros and cons. Some people just don’t want to use the cards. It is often visible in older adults; they still prefer cash only. The reason might be technical incapability or unwillingness.

 A surprise debt

With an increased limit on expenses, people tend to spend more than what they have. It leads to an unwanted debt, which comes as a surprise at the end of the month. Another problem is that one has to pay back not only what he borrowed but also the interest. It adds up to the burden even more.

 No purchase is better

It is better not to purchase the items if one doesn’t have money because missing a thing is better than losing the deadline for payment. Along with interest, one more charge is levied, which is late payment. If the bill is not settled on the time, it has its repercussions, this causes a financial strain and also affects the credit history of the borrower. To know about the negotiation of fees visit

 Don’t forget the purpose

If the card has been taken just as to assist in personal finance, then it should not be used as a non-repayable loan. Mostly there are offers on the use of cards just to attract the customers. One should know his needs.

5 Ways to Raise the Income in Your Household

Living in a home with your spouse and children means having an incredible burden on your shoulders. Everyone who’s been in this situation understands how hard it is. You always have a lack of money and you always dream of making more.

Since you can’t become a rock star overnight and make millions per hour, it’s best to think about some other stuff and find out what can be done. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly that. How to get more money inside the household. Follow up and learn more!

1. Get a second job

The first and most logical way is to raise income. To do it, you need another job. That may be something you’ll work from home as a freelancer, work part-time in another place or simply have a second job after your primary one. See here what the market offers and what can be found as a second job.

Understand that this can be exhausting and it will drain you completely over a long period. That’s why you should do this only on short terms – work a couple of months and then rest for a few. If the second job is not draining you too much and make you feel relaxed, then you can do it more often and even think about switching priorities with the other job.

2. Minimizing your expenses

To have more money in your pocket, you need to spend less of it. Sit down on the table and make a spreadsheet about your expenses and your income. See where you can cut something and have more for additional things that are more important.

For example, try going to work by bike instead of the car. Cut off some TV subscriptions that drain the budget every month. See what takes away most of your money, like foods that are not essential, drinks, drugs, etc. Cut off everything that is not necessary and you’ll see that your budget will have a jumpstart the next month.

3. Cutting off debts

Debts are a disaster for the family. The banks are ruthless with their interests but more often than not people simply must get into debts. If you’re thinking about getting a better budget, think about how to take down your obligation toward the banks.

It’s not easy finding a solution to this. Try to ask for help from friends and family. Ask them if they can loan some money. This way you’ll be able to return what you own to the banks and end losing lots of it on interest.

4. Sell some of the unused belongings

Having two cars and only using one means that you can sell the second one. It only sits in the garage, wastes money and gives you no benefit whatsoever. Sell it. Get the money from it and invest it in something that will give you an actual benefit. Do this with almost everything you can.

5. Home and Life Insurance to make a stable future

Spending more to earn more is a way of doing good business since forever. The importance of the home and life insurance is obvious for those who are more into the matter. How is this possible? Well, think about how health insurance works? You pay a small amount to be sure that once you get sick and visit the doctor, you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars.

This is actually saving money even though some people might be skeptical about it. One visit to the ER will leave you with serious debts. Without proper health insurance plan, you might not even be accepted and suffer terrible consequences. See more about it on this weblink.


These five points should be a good start point to make more income and raise your family better. Ask the same from every member inside the house. Join forces and make sure that everyone contributes as much as possible. If the children can’t work, then ask them to spend as little as possible.

After a few months or a year, you’ll start seeing the first differences. Very soon you’ll see how it is to live with more money than what you get used to.

5 Fundamental Rules For A Marketing Manager To Follow

The role of a marketing manager is not an easy one. There is a wide array of responsibilities across all different areas of the business. People can become quite short-sighted in thinking that marketing is one-dimensional. It is simply generating new leads or communicating with customers.

But the intricacies of marketing run deeper than what can be seen on the surface. Marketing is such a technical aspect. If you get it right you are going to find growth far more comfortable and a  successful journey to bigger things.

But poor or naive marketing can land you in real trouble, especially if you are complacent with your current situation. Marketing moves fast, especially in this digital era. New platforms, new tools, new data, website visitor tracking, review platforms, social media alone.

It is an endless job and you are juggling campaigns across email, search engines and paid advertising which all need to justify their time allocation and expenditure

If you’re a marketing manager or aspiring to do so, you must follow these rules to maintain organisation and a focussed pathway to delivering tangible results.

1. Building Trust at Initial Stages

It is the first step to enter into any business market where you desire to boost your sales. None is going to trust any new entry easily so you have to make a lot of efforts for gaining this trust. For that, you have to present the most beneficial points and the genuine side of your business to your audience which can be relatable as well. It is because initially it is not important to provide detailed knowledge about all your business and instead people would just like to know if you are trustworthy enough to talk more about business.

2. Stick to the Rule of “Customer is Always Right”

It is a very basic thing that marketing managers should follow and never make their customers feel that they are saying anything wrong. This is the best way of making your customers happy as they are the ones who will spread the news about your business in the market and maybe become very loyal to you as well. Though it is very difficult to follow this strategy but it is important so no matter if your customer is wrong, just mold the situation in a right manner which can convince customers to choose your desired answers.

3. Compete in Market with Your Specific Skills

No doubt every business has something specific which is not present in others’. Learn to cash those specific skills by presenting them in a most attractive way which can catch most of the interest of your audience. Also, learn about the best interest of your audience and make sure to make relevant presentations for them. When they feel that you are offering something that is best suited to their interest then obviously none can stop your sales to boost up in a very short period of time.

4. Use Social Media Carefully

It is very important for marketing managers to use social media platforms very carefully. You need to use a thinking process thoroughly before putting up any post about your product and then of course multiple reviews of those posts is equally important. Also, make sure your content is not easily shared outside your links or you may train your staff about not letting this thing happen in any case. As there is no chance of error in using social media because of screenshotting options so make sure everything is perfectly written and posted on the first shot.

5. Connect with Your Audience

It means to understand the needs of your customers instead of just selling your product without considering any of their concern. Learn about their needs, concerns and challenges and come up with a solution that is good for both of you. Make sure audience engagement is one of the very important factors for marketers so their engagement in your products or services is your responsibility. Do marketing in a way that your audience feels connected to your brand which fulfills all their needs and satisfy their desires as well.

The best Answers for the Business Management

Keeping the accounts and making the budget is not enough. The company management needs data and information that the financial statements and general accounting cannot provide on their own.

In fact during the management we will find ourselves asking questions like these:

  • how much does it cost to produce the product?
  • does the maintenance department work well or could it do better?
  • How much can I hope to earn next year?
  • What is Business Management?

To find an answer to these questions we will have to make use of a whole series of tools and management techniques which are collectively referred to as management control.

What is management control

It is a directional process which presupposes:

  • the formulation of objectives – expressed in quantitative terms – and of action programs, valid in the short term and consistent with the strategic lines, i.e. with the company’s basic decisions (to whom, what, how)
  • periodic measurement of results actually achieved and comparison with the set objectives
  • Analysis of deviations from forecasts, identification of their causes and the adoption of appropriate corrective actions.

The introduction of a management control process requires a considerable rationalization effort at the organizational level, offset however by the advantages obtainable. It represents an irreplaceable driving tool, as:

  • allows the coordination of the various corporate bodies,
  • Provides the economic and financial parameters with which to compare the results obtained.

Management control, to be effective, requires adequate accounting tools.

The accounting tools of management control

These tools are multiple but, in summary, they can be traced back to the following:

  • general accounting and financial statements
  • analytical accounting
  • budget and standard costs

The general accounting provides the necessary information on the management operations that are held with the market. The accounting records are summarized in the financial statements, which is the document that illustrates the overall result of the management (profit or loss for the year) and the assets available to the company.Analytical accounting does not study the company as a whole, but highlights the costs and revenues of each of its individual “parts” or “responsibility centers”.

The analytical accounting concerns the “internal” management operations, it serves to know the costs of the different products, of the individual departments and to know if the use of the acquired productive factors is correct or gives rise to waste.

The budget is a short-term budget. Its construction requires the knowledge of preventive or “standard” costs, through which to establish how much the production process should cost in certain operating conditions. The budget has a dual function: it serves to guide future actions and, in the final analysis, to check if everything went as planned.