Difference between commercial, residential, and automotive locksmiths

We have all encountered situations like getting locked out of our own house, got a key stuck in the lock, forgotten the password or the combination code of the modern electronic security system. In situations like these, we require the services of a trained locksmith who can instantly solve our issues and help us access our property. A locksmith is someone who deals with repairing keys and locks. They also deal with the installation of modern electronic security systems. There are three types of locksmiths – commercial, residential, and automotive. We will discuss the differences between the three types of locksmiths in this article.

Commercial locksmiths – Commercial locksmiths are locksmiths who mainly provide their services to business owners and industrial customers. Commercial locksmiths mainly deal with electronic security systems. Business owners and industrialists invest in electronic security systems because it makes it difficult for outsiders/invaders to break into. Businesses and industries require electronic security systems in order to keep confidential information, files, data, money, etc safe. Commercial locksmiths work on digital locks, electronic locks and keys, installation, and maintenance of electronic control systems, etc. Business owners need to maintain a trustworthy relationship with a commercial locksmith so that they can count on them when an emergency strikes. If you require a commercial locksmith, check out Commercial locksmith Orlando.

Residential locksmiths – Residential locksmiths, as the name suggests, provide services for your home security. They mainly deal with keys and locks. They can work their way around different locks with different patterns. When you get locked out of your house or when your keys and locks get damaged due to wear and tear, the person to call would be a residential locksmith. If you encounter any issues with your home security, then their expertise in the area of locks and keys can not only help you feel secure again but can also help you upgrade your entire home security system. They also offer maintenance services.

Automotive locksmiths –  Automotive locksmiths are locksmiths who mainly provide their services to vehicle owners. They deal with automobile issues. The most common reasons people call an automotive locksmith are when they get locked out, lose their key, or when their car door locks get damaged. Automotive locksmiths are skilled at cutting a new key for you, unlocking your door if you lose your key or get locked out of your car, and even replace your door locks if they get damaged.

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